The Healthy Girl’s Guide To Nashville

December 3, 2018

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Lemon Laine: an all natural beauty salon in Nashville


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Who knew Nashville could be so healthy?

When I first moved to Tennessee I was worried about what sort of healthy options there would be for me (especially moving from a place like Seattle that has SO many healthy eating spots and activities).  The more I explored the city the more I realized how many great spots this city has!  If I was to describe Nashville in a nutshell I would say it’s a southern Portland; part hipster, part country.

I want to give a HUGE shoutout to my friend PAIGE who collaborated with me on this wonderful post, all the pictures you see here were done by her so make sure you go and check out her work1

This blog post really only scratches the surface of Nashville’s healthy spots but I hope this gives natives and visitors some spots to put on their “must visit” list!

Why I love The Post East: 

When I lived in East Nashville I visited this unique coffee shop / restaurant on the daily.  So much so that they had my coffee drink named after me (iced almond milk latte with a little bit of honey) don’t believe me?  Tell their manager Jesse I sent you! 

Not only do they have delicious coffee and tea (BONUS: their tea comes from High Garden) but they also have a great menu that is FULL of allergen friendly vegan items & gluten free items.  Some of my favorite daily items: their sweet potato biscuit egg sandwich, any of their muffins, or I like their scrambles over their breakfast potatoes. 

If you stop in on a Saturday or Sunday for brunch you can catch live music + get to chow down on their special weekend menu (it’s different every week but to give you an idea of past items: breakfast jambalaya, churro pancakes with cashew whipped cream, dairy free eggs benny’s with tempeh bacon, green tomato jam over gluten free cornbread) 

Another unique thing that the Post East does is every few months they deck their walls with local artists work – a perfect place to find something cool to put up on that blank wall in your home.  Go check it out!

Does anyone else think this wallpaper looks like the one from the first season of “The Sinner”?! 

Outfits Details: Sweater / Pants / Shoes


Why I love High Garden: 

I can’t tell you how many times I drove by High Garden before I actually went in and I am sad that I slept on this place for so long.  For those of you who have been following me for a while now you know that I quit coffee a few months ago and since then I have been ALL IN on my tea obsession.  

As you walk into this shop you will be AMAZED by all the beautiful herbs and flowers hanging from the ceiling, every inch of this place oozes a whimsical feel. 

High Garden has many of their own blends of herbal and caffeinated teas but on top of that they even have a wall of individual dried herbs that you can use to make your own teas – how cool is that?! 

If you head to the back of the shop there is a cute seating area where customers are asked to put their electronics away so you can enjoy spending time reading a book, playing one of their many board games, or solving one of their in shop puzzles.  

Finally when you make it to the root bar in the back you can find a variety of kombuchas on tap, homemade potions (my favorite in the summer was the Equinox), kefirs, and they’ll even make you a fresh cup of miso soup! 

Get away from the hustle and bustle and enjoy an hour in this beautiful spot. 

OUTFIT DETAILS: Sweater / Dress (it’s sold out but this is a close match) / Shoes

Why I love Avo: 

Avo is a completely vegan restaurant in West Nashville – they have the most wonderful food, from their Walnut Lentil Burger to their Vegan Cheese Platters – this place is truly a gem! 

The whole restaurant resides inside of a large storage container covered in beautifully painted avocados (because who doesn’t love avocado?) The interior is beautiful; behind the bar there is an amazing plant wall which lends to Avo’s whole vibe.  They also have a seating area that sits next to a beach volleyball court so it makes for great people watching.  

One of the things that Avo is most famous for is their Avocado Magarita, a perfect drink for happy hour with friends!  

Some of my favorite menu items: the Kale Salad, Kimchi Lettuce Wraps, & the Warm Olives 

OUTFIT DETAILS: Bodysuit / Jeans / Shoes /Purse (similar purse to mine)

Why I love Kokos: 

I have been saying for the longest time that Nashville needed a vegan ice cream shop and God answered my prayers!  Kokos is a cute little shop is nestled in East Nashville, with beautiful coral walls and greenery draped from their sign, just the site of this place makes you happy when you walk in.  

Right now they only offer a grab and go service but they are opening a new soft serve location in West Nashville soon! 

Some of my favorite flavors: strawberries and cream, mint chocolate chip, and lemon pie! 

(I even had some of their ice cream at my wedding I love it so much!) 

OUTFIT DETAILS: Sweater / Jeans / Hats / Boots


Why I love Lemon Laine:

Lemon Laine is a natural beauty and wellness shop in Nashville (and now they even have a shop in Houston). What’s amazing about Lemon Laine: They do ALL clean product searching work for you!  They carry products that have only CLEAN ingredients but they still get the job done.  They also carry wellness products such as supplements and superfoods because looking beautiful on the outside starts from the inside.

Not only does Lemon Laine sell all natural beauty products – they make them as well! I got to hit their oil bar and let me tell you it was a TREAT!  You might be wondering what an oil bar is exactly (I had the same question).

What the oil bar is: Lemon Laine carries a variety of different seed, nut and plant oils that they customize to YOUR skins needs. So what’s amazing is that in most cases no two oils will be the same. The oil can be used in placement of a moisturizer OR you can mix it in to your current moisturizer. I know putting oil on your skin might be scary but oil actually FIGHTS oil, leaving your skin healthy, happy and breakout free!  If you’re in Nashville or just visiting this is a MUST experience (plus it comes with a complimentary glass of wine)

To give you an idea of what our unique experience was like: I got a rejuvenating blend while my BFF Jenna got a clearing blend.

Some of the oils used…
Borage Oil: high in omegas and known to be a “skin soother”
Olive Oil: high in vitamin E, helps promote cell turnover
Safflower Oil: helps fight breakouts
Tangerine Oil: an antibacterial and skin brighter
Ylang Ylang: helps with elasticity and acts as a moisture barrier


OUTFIT DETAILS: Top / Pants / Boots / Hair Tie

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