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August 7, 2019

I have a passion for wellness; from good food to natural skin care products, the sky is the limit! I travel all over the world with my hubby, blogging as I go and I would love for you to follow along!




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Celery Juice: Heal Your Body with 1 simple ingredient  



Lemon Laine: an all natural beauty salon in Nashville


Beet Hummus: the prettiest spread you will ever will eat 
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8am: good morning!  My body typically wakes me up around 8am. Usually I lay in bed for a little bit scrolling through emails and social media before getting up. 

what I would like to do: eliminate the morning phone scroll and replace it with something more productive 

8:15am: make a juice.  Lately I’ve been switching back and forth between just celery juice and a juice made of random vegetables (typically carrot, beet, cucumber, turmeric, spinach, and apple) 

juicer I use: Natalie Styx Juicer $69.99

JUICE TIP: I HATE pulp so I use THIS tea kettle to strain any excess 

8:25am:  After drinking my juice I brush my teeth and then follow with a good oil pull.  You can find the details on oil pulling HERE.  While I oil pull I clean my juicer to make the best use of my time.

Here’s the current oil I use: Yala Coconut Oil Mouthwash $19.99

8:35am:  It’s time to water the plants!  I used to struggle to keep any plant alive but with a little research and a regular routine my plant babies are finally thriving!  My herbs and ferns require daily watering while my other plants I usually just water once a week.  

TIP:  I found out that my “bird’s of paradise” palms like humidity so I spray them down daily using THIS mister / I have also found that my plants LOVE this plant food I snagged on Amazon HERE

8:45am: this is when I start boiling some water for my morning tea.  I let my tea steep for 15 min to get the optimal amount of nutrients out of my tea bag. 

tea brands: currently I use local blends from High Garden or teas from “The Art of Tea” !

(I took a break for a few months from my tea because I wanted to eliminate anything that could be causing my breathing issues but now that my breathing has improved I am ready to start implementing it back into my routine.)

8:50am: while my tea is steeping I put together my water bottles for the day.  I fill up my Healthish water bottle (it helps me track my water intake throughout the day) and then I usually throw two scoops of my restoraid supplement into a glass water bottle and drink it first thing.  This is also when I take my morning vitamins.

morning vitamins: I take a fish oil, probiotic and L-lysine first thing in the morning.

  • fish oil is good for: heart health, reduce inflammation, supports healthy skin, improves symptoms of depression and more!
  • L-Lysine is good for: preventing cold sores. I take this often because the stress of traveling typically tends to give me cold sores.
  • what restoraid is good for:  boosting the immune system, balancing hormones and reducing stress. 
  • what probiotics are good for: gut health which in turn leads to better skin!

9:00am:  Now that the tea is steeped I can add my superfoods!  Currently I am using the following: 

  • Tocosa super-rich source of fat-soluble natural vitamin E and is widely recognized as being exceptional for connective tissue and skin.
  • Mucuna Pruriensenhances brain function, elevates mood & refine the senses, soothes the nervous system, support overall well-being.
  • Collagen Improves hair, skin, nails, joints and ligaments, and tendon health.
  • Chlorellaan excellent source of protein, fatty acids, chlorophyll, fiber, carbs, vitamins and minerals. Rich in beta-carotene.
  • Matchais rich in antioxidants, helps boost metabolism, great source of natural energy and mental clarity.

I use THIS electric whisk to get it extra smooth, then I poor it all over ice! 

9:30am: breakfast time!  Typically I switch it up between a smoothie or a egg & veggie scramble over some brown rice. 

Smoothie Recipe:


10:00am: right now I typically chill until I need to leave for my workout class 

what I would like to be doing: making time for mediation and a devotional from my bible app 

10:30am: time to leave for a workout!   Right now I mix it up between doing my own lifting routine at the gym, Barre3, and Barry’s Bootcamp class. 

12:30pm: now that i’m home from the gym, I typically jump in the shower to rinse off!  This is when I was my face and apply any products.

currently I am using:

what I would like to be doing:  i’m about 50/50 right now on getting a dry brush in before I shower but I would love for this to be 100% – also want to get back into ending my shower with a stream of cold water! 

Find out more about dry brushing HERE / PLUS you can find the dry brush I suggest HERE

1:00pm: it’s time for lunch!  My favorite go-to lunch is a bowl, I add all sorts of random stuff: brown rice, quinoa, sautéed kale, carrots, onion, sprouts, kimchi, soft boiled eggs, beans, whatever my heart desires!  I follow with my afternoon vitamins. 

afternoon vitamins:

  • multi-vitamin: Food based 125 milligram proprietary Women’s Nourishing Blend with dong quai, organic spirulina and red clover supports hormonal balance.
  • turmeric: turmeric is a natural source of curcuminoids and provides powerful antioxidant properties, supporting healthy inflammation response.
  • iron: helps with red cell formation (great for vegetarians).
  • b-complex: Supports energy production, resistance to stress, neurological function, and red blood cell formation.
  • vitamin D/K: Vitamins D and K are essential for optimal bone and arterial health and for helping to maintain the immune system in proper balance.

1:30-7pm: this is usually when I get my work done, whether it’s answering emails, working on blogs, trying out new recipes, or just enjoying hanging out with my husband. 

7pm: Dinner time.  In the summer I love a good salad – lately I have been on this caesar kick!  After dinner I take my evening vitamins.

Caesar Recipe:


  • romaine lettuce
  • Primal Kitchen Foods vegan Caesar dressing
  • garbanzo beans
  • gluten free pasta
  • cherry tomatoes
  • chopped red onion⁣

evening vitamins:

  • evening primrose: helps with PMS, supports healthy skin, and it has antioxidant support.
  • antioxidant extreme: supports immune, cognitive, and anti-inflammatory functions.
  • fish oil (omegas): heart health, reduce inflammation, supports healthy skin, improves symptoms of depression and more!
  • iron: helps with red cell formation (great for vegetarians)
  • b-complex: Supports energy production, resistance to stress, neurological function, and red blood cell formation

7:30-11pm: chill time.  This is when I catch my shows, play video games, scroll the web… 

11/12am: typically when I head to bed.  I wash my face, apply either a layer of retinol or my overnight peel, and then spray a little magnesium on my stomach. 

night time beauty products:

The comments +

  1. Melissa Rakus says:

    What is the purpose of the spray magnesium?

  2. Kristina Delgado says:

    Very cool!
    Thanks for all the info! I’m definitely going to look into many of your supplements.
    And that vegan ceasar dressing!!! I was JUST craving that and wondering what vegan options there were! So thank you!
    I did have one quick question.
    What do you use the magnesium spray for?
    And why do you use it on your stomach?
    Thanks Bridgette!!! You’re amazing and SUCH an inspiration to me!!

  3. Mia Schmidt says:

    Hi! I’m a huge fan of NF and it caused me to find your page. I love following all of your health and wellness stuff! I have a question about the vitamins, how did you decide your vitamin regimen. Is it something you kind of have to figure out for yourself or would you recommend someone doing the same routine with vitamins as you? I am definitely a vitamins amateur. Haha I only take biotin and pregnancy vitamins for my hair lol currently working on being more healthy in my diet as well so I appreciate all your recipe suggestions! I just graduated college so I should probably graduate from microwave meals haha

    • Bridgette Doremus says:

      I would suggest just starting with something like MyBinto for vitamins 🙂 then you can build yourself up to take more supplements that are best suited for you.

  4. So inspirational, love it! Love you talk abput the bible💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓

  5. Sharla says:

    Hi there! I’m wanting to start doing intermittent fasting but I’m wanting to try celery juicing. Will me drinking a glass each day affect my fasting period?

    • Bridgette Doremus says:

      I am actually not sure on that! I would assume since celery has close to zero calories that it wouldn’t affect it but that might be a question for the medical medium 🙂

  6. Mia says:

    Hey, since I am a veggie do you have any tips about eating more protein , I’m Worried that I will be short and unhealthy, so please reply I need some tips.

    • Bridgette Doremus says:

      are you eating a diet rich in beans and legumes? I also suggest eggs if you are not fully vegan, brussels sprouts have great protein levels as well as hemp seeds! Hope this helps!

  7. Mia says:

    Thx so much for those tips they were super helpful! Also is it true that you don’t have enough protein your growth will be stunted??

  8. Mia says:

    Hey Bridget do you have any tips on skin care?

  9. Mia says:

    Hello, I’m looking for a fitness trainer could you be my trainer please get back to be.

  10. Mia says:

    Hey, do you have any advice on weight loss??

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