2nd Trimester Outfits

March 28, 2021

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Pregnancy is a weird/spectacular time – half the time you feel uncomfortable with your body’s changes and the other half of the time you are in awe of cool it feels to know a little baby is growing inside that bump! To help improve the times that I am feeling a little lower about my body I have decided to get myself some cute new fits! In the first trimester, I was able to wear most of my normal clothing since the bump didn’t really make its appearance until around week 16 but now I’ve found myself needing to change it up! Here are some outfits that I have found fit my baby bump currently (I’m 20 weeks pregnant!) but also are things I can wear post-pregnancy.

sweatshirt / sweatpants / tennis shoes / necklaces

top / jeans / booties / necklaces

sweater vest / jeans / necklaces

cropped t-shirt / pants / necklaces / sandals

cropped t-shirt / boyfriend jeans / necklaces

overalls / cropped t-shirt / necklaces

dress / jacket / booties / necklaces

set / necklaces / sandals

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  1. Cierra Weaver says:

    Beautiful!! I definitely vote for you wearing styles that show off your bump, you have such a great figure! And I know it may be cliche but you are absolutely glowing!!

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