Baby Registry Ideas

March 19, 2021

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As a first-time mom, I have NO IDEA what to put on my baby registry – there are a million different gadgets and options out there, and honestly, it has left my head spinning!

This is why I left the registry ideas up to YOU guys – I compiled a list of all your guys’ suggestions along with doing some of my own research to make this list! I’ve divided the items into categories and I will highlight a few of the top items for you guys which hopefully will make this process easier for you!


  1. Nose Frida: This was by far the most suggested item for my registry (along with anything FRIDABABY). The “Nose Frida” is a doctor-invented nasal aspirator that actually works. A great way to clear your baby’s stuffy nose.

2. Dock-a-tot: The DockaTot is an award-winning baby docking station perfect for lounging, playtime, and rest. The DockaTot has been highly tested for harmful chemicals and substances and it passes with flying colors making it a great non-toxic option for your baby!

3. Boppy Nursing Pillow: If you plan on breastfeeding this Boppy nursing pillow comes highly rated! It’s small enough to fit in a rocking chair while feeding but large enough to give the lift you and your baby need. You can place the pillow around your front or side waist to get the best support for your feeding style: cradle, cross-cradle, football hold, or bottle feeding.

4. Owlet Sock: The owlet sock is a “smart sock” that measures your baby’s oxygen levels and heart rate while they sleep. A lot of mommy’s praise this sock saying it allowed them to sleep without worrying about SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). I had a lot of mixed opinions on these specific products – a lot of nurses wrote me saying that they tell their patients to NOT use it since it can send off false alarms but I had some people write me saying it saved their children’s lives. Another thought to factor in – this little sock does give off EMF radiation which can pose harmful effects to your baby (here’s an article on EMFs and children). I think that this is a gut decision product – choose what feels right to you, there’s no wrong answer.

5. 4moms MamaRoo: The MamaRoo is a high-tech bouncer that is designed to simulate the motions parents do when comforting their newborn. This bouncer is the talk of the town but the downside is it does have an expensive price tag. The manufacturer has confirmed that this product is free from flame retardants and phthalates and is made with as many natural materials as possible (i.e. little or no polyurethane foam).

6. Haaka Milk-Saver: This Haakaa breastmilk collector allows you to collect breastmilk that would otherwise be wasted in a breast pad. It’s handsfree, comfortable and BPA free!

7. Hatch Sound Machine: This Hatch sound machine also acts as a night light, clock, two-way audio monitor, and more! You can customize the color and brightness of the light as well as choose from a variety of different sounds!

8. Snuggle Me Organics: This is an alternative to the “DockaTot Lounger”. The main difference is that the Snuggle me Organic has more of a hugging action because of its center sling design.

9. Zip-up Onesies: I was told zipper onesies are a must when you are having to do middle-of-the-night changes. I love these bamboo zipper footies from Kyte Baby that are said to be extra comfortable and breathable for your baby.

10. Velcro Swaddles: Swaddles give babies a cozy, womb-like feeling that can help them sleep better throughout the night. Velcro options like the SwaddleMe Swaddles make it easy for you to dress and undress your baby for changes.

zip-up onesies / snuggle me organic / hatch sound machine / 4moms mamaroo / haaka milk saver / owlet sock / boppy / dock-a-tot / nose-frida

Baby Feeding:

Whether you’re breastfeeding, using formula, or preparing to potentially make your own baby food here were the most highly suggest baby feeding products.


Elvie Breast Pump: Breastfeeding can be time-consuming and frustrating at times, I have been told that the Elvie Breast Pump is one of the best ways to ease breastfeeding aches and pains. It’s built with silent technology so you can pump anytime, anywhere, it can be worn inside your nursing bra, making it truly hands-free.

Baby Brezza: if you plan on using formula this is a time saver. The Baby Brezza’s is an automated formula mixer. You fill it with water and formula, and it’s all set to make up to 20 8-ounce bottles, each one warm and ready to go when you need it.

Other Highly Suggested Feeding Products:

elvie breast pump / nursing bra / haakaa milk saver / dr. brown’s bottles / comototo bottles / philips glass bottles / baby brezza bottle sterilizer / ullabelle silicone bibs / stokke high chair / drool bibs / nursing breast pads / nipple butter / boppy / anti-colic bottles / burt’s bees burp cloths / under the nile burp cloths / bamboobies nursing pads / boob heating and cooling packs / baby brezza formula dispenser machine / babybuddha portable pump / breastmilk storage bags / Eccomum Baby Food Proceessor / Mixie Formula Bottle / Reusable Breastmilk Storage Bags / Baby Bullet Food Maker

Baby Sleep:

When you become a new mom one of the things you miss the most about your pre-baby life is sleep, that’s why it’s so important to set a good sleeping environment for your child so you AND baby can get plenty of sleep. Here are the top items you guys suggested for better sleep.


SNOO: The SNOO has three specially-engineered white-noise sounds for calming crying and enhancing sleep, the SNOO Smart Sleeper Bassinet helps babies learn to self-soothe and sleep through the night. It’s also the only bed that keeps babies safely on the back all night long as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Worried about EMFs? The SNOO has EMF blocking technology to keep your baby safe from electronic magnetic fields.

Nanit Monitor: This award-winning camera by Nanit has an overhead camera, night light, cable management and sleep tracking. Plus, new features include two-way audio lets you speak or sing to baby through the Nanit app and nature sounds that soothe them to sleep.

Other Sleep Related Products:

SNOO / nanit / beside me dreamer bassinet / crib sheet / vava baby monitor / kyte zipper onesie / halo bassinet / baby merlin’s sleep suit / white noise machine / hatch sound machine / snuggle me / dock a tot / boppy / humidifier / owlet sock / love to dream swaddle up / baby shusher / crib mattress protector pad / angelcare baby monitor


A new baby means LOTS of diaper changes. Here are the top changing/washing products you guys suggested to me.


Bath Flower: The Blooming Bath Lotus is made of polyurethane foam on the inside which helps it dry fast with zero chance of mold or mildew, BONUS: the materials are never treated with harmful chemicals or flame retardants. When you’re done you can just throw it in the wash!

UBBI Diaper Pale: The UBBI diaper pail is a steel diaper pale that is easy to load, use, empty and clean, and it is specifically designed to lock in odors. The pail is also equipped with a childproof safety lock that keeps little hands from finding their way inside the pail and an innovative sliding lid.

Other Suggested Baby Changing Products:

bath flower / ubbi diaper pale / under the nile burp cloths / aqua scale bath tub / rockin’ green laundry detergent / smart changing pad and scale / diaper genie / baby bum brush / honest company wipes / organic diaper balm / burt’s bees burp cloths / thirstie’s cloth diapers /

Baby Lounging:

These baby lounging products are perfect for when your little one is needing some much needed downtime but isn’t quite ready for a nap!

Lovevery the Play Gym: The Lovevery Play Gym is an eco-friendly and made entirely with baby-safe materials, plus it’s good up until 1 year of age! Designed by child development experts, the play gym moves with your baby from lying on their back to tummy time and finally sitting up.

WubaNub: The WubbaNub is the perfect solution to losing pacifiers. They all come with silicone Soothie pacifiers attached to a cute stuffed animal!

Other Suggested Lounging Products:

travel crib / wubbanub pacifier / snuggle me organic / 4moms mamaroo / cradling bouncer / bumbo floor seat / ryan and rose pacifier / babybjorn bouncer / dockatot


Getting your baby from point A to point B safely and easily is one of the most important things on this list. Think car seats, baby carriers and strollers.

Nuna Car Seat: Nuna’s Pipa Lite LX is designed to keep your baby safe from both collisions and chemicals. Designed in Europe, the Pipa Lite LX exceeds American safety standards. Bonus: the Pipa Lite LX is made with high-end fabrics. All the materials used in this seat are flame-resistant but without any added fire retardant chemicals.

ErgoBaby Carrier: The ErgoBaby is made entirely of mesh, this carrier is the ultimate in lightweight breathability. An all-in-one carrier, the Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh grows with your baby from birth (or seven pounds) to four years.


pipa rx car seat / lillebaby child carrier / pacifier sanitizer / thule jogging stroller / nuna rava car set / graco car seat / boba baby wrap carrier / baby tula baby carrier / doona car seat / lotus travel crib / nuna pipa car set / ergobaby carrier

Baby Play:

When your baby is first born they won’t be doing a lot of playing but that doesn’t have to stop you from getting your little one things for entertainment! Think lots of books and teethers.

Slumberkins Books: Slumberkins is a book series created by a child therapist and an educator. Each one of their books is focused on positive life skills with a matching stuffed animal and affirmation card.

Teething Banana: This mini banana is a teething toy that is made of 100% food-grade silicone. It is soft and flexible to prevent injury. Bonus: you can wash it in the dishwasher to get it clean!


lovevery play gym / baby teething banana / warmie sloth microwavable toy / wubbanub pacifier / maple teether / rubber teether

Baby Clothes:

In the beginning the most important part of clothing your baby is being able to have easy access to changes (from what I’ve been told) so stock up on zipper onesies and lots of spit up cloths!

Mushie Silicone Bib: The Mushie Silicone Bib is made from food-grade silicone, and are BPA and phthalate free. The are perfect for keeping your baby clean(ish) during feedings!

Love to Dream Swaddle Up: The Love To Dream Swaddle UP is a swaddle that allows your baby to sleep with arms up! Babies naturally sleep with their arms up when you place them on their backs. Traditional swaddling binds their arms across their chest or at their sides.


halo sleep sack / drool bibs / rockin’ green laundry detergent / kyte zipper onesie / swaddle me swaddle / baby sleep sack / burt’s bees wearable blanket / nested bean weighted sleep sack / boho swaddle set


The thought of having a sick baby is so scary but is a reality with their little developing immune systems. Here are some of the suggested health related baby items you guys came up with to keep your little guy/ or girl happy and healthy.

FridaBaby Thermometer: The Fridababy’s thermometer has a 10-second quick-read temp and 30-second accurate-read. it can be used to check your baby’s temperature oral, axillary, and rectal.

FridaBaby Accu-Dose Pacifier: The Medi Frida makes it easy for you to deliver your baby’s medicine to the side of the cheek, as recommended by doctors, bypassing the baby’s taste buds to prevent spit-ups so your baby can swallow a full dose.


windi gas reliever / organic baby teeth oil / fridababy baby basics kit / nose frida / electric nose frida / gripe water / gas relief drops / ear thermometer /

Delivery / Postpartum:

I plan on making a more detailed post on what to bring to the hospital when I get closer to my due date but for now this was your guys’ top recommended postpartum items.

Binding Belt: I’ve been told a Binding Belt is essential for postpartum recovery helps get your body back to its former post childbirth. A postpartum belly band helps reduce swelling, support core abdominal muscles and helps return the uterus to its original size sooner.

FridaMom Kit: The FridaMom Kit contains everything you need to jump-start recovery during those first few visits to the toilet – this was a highly suggested item by my mama followers!


frida mom post party kit / binding belt / nipple cream / earth mama perineal spray / gownies hospital gown / depends underwear / postpartum herbal pads

What do you think of the products suggested? Was there anything missed? Comment below!

The comments +

  1. Bridgette,

    I think u did a great job compiling for a baby registry as a first time mom! I have tried quite a lot of these products as a mom of 2 and most of them are a MUST HAVE! the only one I had some trouble with was the baby Brezza it did not mix the formula correctly was putting too little of the powder in and after buying two of them I still couldn’t get it to work so I gave up but that was about 3 years ago and might have got a bad batch because I seen so many people saying it was the best! I had the Nuna Pipa and it was by far my favorite infant car seat, the only other one i really would like is the orbit baby g5 because u can swivel it into the door of your car and put baby in and out easier and it’s a little more snug down and for convertible I really love the new Nuna Exec better than the Rava it grows longer and it doesn’t sit as tall up into the car the base is closer to the seat vs the seat being mid window how the rava and maxi cosi Magellan Max both fit into my car the rava isn’t as bad but I like the exec better.

    I love seeing ur posts!

  2. Cierra Weaver says:

    Amazing new baby supply list!! I have had 3 children and agree with these suggestions. It has been 6 years since I had my youngest son and there are some impressive new items that were not available yet when I had my 3 sons! Most notable, the breast pump you can put INSIDE your bra, the Elvie Electric Wearable Smart Breast Pump. And the Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced Formula Dispenser Machine!
    I just wanted to say, in regards to the Freda Mom Kit, it’s not a bad idea to have that but I just wasted to say, our hospital supplied us with all of those things and plenty of them, as many as I needed and some to take home. But I’m sure every hospital is different, and it’s certainly not a bad idea to have them as back up. Our hospital even supplied the large stretchy disposable underwear. However after having my first son in the hospital with a midwife, I chose to have my next two sons at home with a midwife. So in the case of home birth you DEFINITELY want this kit or something similar. We did home births/water births for our 2nd and 3rd sons. I’m a big believer in the mother choosing where she feels comfortable to give birth, and that it should be HER choice because she is the one going through the big physical and emotional feat of bringing her child into this world.
    Thank you again for taking the time to compile a thorough and well put together list!!
    Best wishes for your pregnancy, birth and beyond! I look forward to all of your blogs!

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