What’s In My Hospital Bag

August 5, 2021

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As a first time mom I am not pretending i’m an expert in all things pregnancy but I have been doing a ton of research and taking your guys’ opinions so I can hopefully be prepared for what is to come next! After lots of reading and taking your guys’ suggestions I was able to compile my hospital bag musts! After I give birth I will make sure to come back and update this blog post on what was the most important items I packed and what things I could have lived without.




I also decided to make a nurse’s basket to gift my immediate nurses and the nurses on my floor with something sweet for all the care they will be giving me! Here are some of the things I put into my basket:

for my main nurses I got them something a little extra:

Lastly… again I have never given birth so I am not 100% sure of what my hospital plan will actually be able to be executed but this is what I am hopeful for!

What I have currently written into my hospital plan:

  • delayed cord clamping: I want to wait until the cord is completely white until they cut the cord – here’s the research WHY
  • delayed bath for the first 24 hours (the baby’s vernix is so great for his skin so I want to delay removing it as he gets acclimated to being earth side) – here’s an article on the benefits of delaying your baby’s first bath
  • skin to skin contact immediately to help with bonding and milk production (benefits can be found HERE)
  • I’ll be asking the hospital if they have an aluminum free / preservative free vitamin k option
  • I am asking for the hospital staff to allow me to have a physiological birth unless medical intervention is 100% needed meaning instead of telling me to push I want to wait until my body instinctively is ready to push (that’s if I can make it natural)
  • placenta is to be released for encapsulation – I have read conflicting research on whether or not this is actually beneficial but I am willing to try anything 🙂

The comments +

  1. Mallory Cervas says:

    Great list. Better to be prepared than to be without. Such an exciting time. I’ve had three natural deliveries and would do it again. God designed women so intricately and perfectly for this purpose. What a gift it is to be able to bring your precious one in the world with such care. He’s going to be so loved. Best wishes!

    The only thing I would add 😆 is to set up an at home visit with an IBCLC a week after your due date. Just to be on the calendar. You can always reschedule. Even if things are going amazing at the hospital, it’s a different ball game when your milk changes over (I’m an IBCLC and I still used them for each of my journeys).

  2. Sarah Scott says:

    I’ve been following your Instagram stories as well! I have two daughters–I will say the Medela soft shells are an absolute MUST! Nursing is one of the most amazing experiences a mother will ever have–but those nipples have to adjust first, LOL! I loved having them for the first two weeks of nursing–then it’s not painful anymore. I hope everything else goes according to plan, but rest assured you and your baby boy will be in good hands! Good luck, and congratulations!

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