Tidying Up with the “Konmari Method”

February 16, 2019

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Like every other person who watched “Tidying Up” on Netflix, I got addicted to organizing recently!  Not to say I wasn’t into organizing before… I just put it off for WAY too long.  My inner neat freak hated opening up my bathroom drawers / pantry / etc. and seeing it so CLUTTERED.  I honestly feel at peace knowing that everything has a place now so I can more easily stay on top of being clean and orderly.  I have a few before and after’s for you guys of our home PLUS I linked all the organizing nick nacks I bought so you can find them too!

from left to right: clear pantry bins (set of four) $60 / clear lazy Suzan $18 / wire cabinet shelf $6 / wooden lazy susan $20 / wicker baskets $13 / jar 3 tier shelf $30 / can organizer $22



from top to bottom:  multiple compartment bamboo silverware dividers $20 / clear drawer dividers $15


pictured: drawer dividers (set) $11


pictured: drawer dividers (set) $11


from top to bottom: wooden makeup organizer $23 / clear compact divider $9 /  clear lazy Suzan $18 / clear storage bin $13


Here are some spaces in my house I forgot to take before’s of…

I hang my clothes by color and sleeve length – this helps me find items much easier and now everything has a home! 


Here I used the KonMari method of folding so I can now see everything in my drawers without having to dig through them.  Find out how to execute this fold HERE



My closet has a built-in shoe rack so organizing my shoes isn’t too difficult – the hardest part is limiting myself to only what I have room for.


Lastly, I got some drawer dividers for my socks, underwear, and bras PLUS some baskets for my bedside table so I collect less on top (and I know I have an empty frame on my bedside table – I still need to get wedding photos printed LOL).

pictured left to right: drawer dividers $15 / wicker baskets $13


As I move into finishing other parts of our house I’ll post more photos – hope you guys enjoyed this post!  Comment below with your favorite before and after! 

The comments +

  1. Sarah says:

    Would definitely go with the clear lazy Susan seems like a game changer. Do you get rid of stuff or find new places for em?

  2. Cori says:

    Ok SO random out of all these pictures, but your bathroom drawer photo has one of those scalp scrubbers that’s supposed to help get off all the dead skin! I’m so curious about them, but I’m so scared to try it because hair is so so curly and tangles literally doing nothing. How has it worked for you?

    • Bridgette Doremus says:

      Hi! I have found the scalp massager helps mostly with scalp stimulation versus getting all the dry skin off. If you are having large flakes come off on your scalp you more than likely have a scalp infection (very little people know that dandruff is actually bacterial!) if you have small white flaking that is dry scalp (more caused by weather and dehydration). To keep your hair from tangling while using the scrubber use it when your hair is wet and when you have conditioner on your hair 🙂

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