Lemon Laine: an all natural beauty salon in Nashville

October 28, 2018

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Lemon Laine: an all natural beauty salon in Nashville


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Lemon Laine

In the last year I have been very interested in all natural beauty… why you might ask?  Well you see, our skin is our largest organ, what we put on it goes IN it.  You’d be surprised by how many harmful chemicals are in your every day beauty products and personally I don’t want to increase my risk for health issues when there are so many great all natural products available!

Did you know a recent study found that women who used everyday beauty products that contain chemicals like parabens (a preservative used in cosmetics), benzophenones (used as UV filters), and bisphenol A were found to have abnormal amounts of the reproductive hormones oestrogen and progesterone?  Too much progesterone has been linked to breast cancer and oestrogen can mess with your body’s fertility.

If you would like to learn more about how certain every day products could be affecting your health I suggest you check out “Skinny Bitch: Home, Beauty & Style”.

What’s amazing about Lemon Laine: They do ALL the work for you!  They carry products that only have CLEAN ingredients but they still get the job done.  They also carry wellness products such as supplements and superfoods because looking beautiful on the outside starts from the inside.

Oil Bar Experience

Not only does Lemon Laine sell all natural beauty products – they make them as well!  I got to hit the oil bar and let me tell you it was a TREAT! You might be wondering what an oil bar is exactly (I had the same question).

Lemon Laine carries a variety of different seed, nut and plant oils that they customize to YOUR skins needs. So what’s amazing is that in most cases no two oils will be the same. The oil can be used in placement of a moisturizer OR you can mix it in to your current moisturizer. I know putting oil on your skin might be scary but oil actually FIGHTS oil, leaving your skin healthy, happy and breakout free!  If you’re in Nashville or just visiting this is a MUST experience (plus it comes with a complimentary glass of wine)

To give you an idea of what our unique experience was like: I got a rejuvenating blend while my BFF Jenna got a clearing blend.

Some of the oils used…
Borage Oil: high in omegas and known to be a “skin soother”
Olive Oil: high in vitamin E, helps promote cell turnover
Safflower Oil: helps fight breakouts
Tangerine Oil: an antibacterial and skin brighter
Ylang Ylang: helps with elasticity and acts as a moisture barrier


Some Of My Favorites:

New to skincare? Try Cocokind – its inexpensive but still great quality!

Sensitive skin? Try Pai’s skincare line – their rosehip oil serum is a MUST!

Normal/Oily Skin? Try Sibu Skincare – it’s less expensive than Pai and Tata Harper but still great quality!

Combination/dry skin? Try Tata Harper – it’s the most expensive but it’s worth the $$$!

Favorite Perfume: DedCool – Fragrance No.1 is my absolute fav!  I wore it on my wedding day

Favorite Lip Gloss: Lily Lolo is my favorite and it tastes AMAZING!

Best Superfood Powders: Sun Potion is my go to – you can also find their products for cheaper on ThriveMarket.com

The comments +

  1. Delaney says:

    I wouldn’t say I have acne, but I get pretty rude breakouts of pimples (your basic whiteheads) all over my chin. I have tried so many different combos of products, going makeup-fReE, and even not using any products at all. Nothing seems to work. I also have scars (not into my skin just on the surface) on my chin from paces where pimples used to be. As a teen, this is suuuuper embarrassing me. Do you have any tips or tricks (inexpensive) that could help me? Thank you so much!! ❤️❤️

    • Bridgette Doremus says:

      I am so sorry you are dealing with acne at a young age – it’s never fun! Chin acne is usually because of hormones – I suggest looking into changing your diet to help control your hormones to take care of it from the inside. From the outside I would see if Pai Skincare is still running their site wide holiday sale – their orange face oil is AMAZING for acne! Hope this helps!

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